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Why The Foodie Butterfly?

Hey There!

My name is Sudha Saswati Nayak. I am a Traveler and an YouTuber who is finding ways to live a good life.

My focus in Life is very simple: Live a Life full of adventure and fun (Like a Butterfly), Learn a whole lot of new things and Achieve your goals in best possible way. Along with this, Nutrition should be given attention as its equally important for our body and mind.

I mean Who doesn't want to live a happy life after all? There you go! To fulfill this purpose in your life here is TFB's little contribution.

To let you be Happy & help you Set your own identity in this world.

What is Your Education?

I studied in India, where I completed MBA in Finance major and Marketing. This included a 3 month Finance Internship Program at The Reserve Bank of India, Bhubaneswar.

I attended the Odisha University of Agriculture and Technology, where I completed a three-year program for a BSc in Zoology & graduated with honours.

What is Your Work Experience?

I am working with Chegg as a Subject Expert in Finance from August 2018. Besides that, I have worked in a Travel Company as a Digital Marketeer for 3 months.

Why a Travel Vlogger?

You could say Travelling is my passion, It is what I live for. And recording my journey to show to you guys, not only gives me immense happiness but also carries a lot of information and unknown facts about places that can be shared among all the future travelers and tourists thus helping them in every aspect. Now to be very honest, Its not easy but Its something I enjoy doing. Keeps my mind healthy and activated.

What I will find on The Foodie Butterfly?

> New Destinations to Explore

> Travel hacks and tips
> Lifestyle Tips & ideas
> Healthy & Tasty Recipes 

> Free Checklists to download !

and plenty of other stuffs...

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