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10 things about Life to learn from the TV show "Friends" | Sudha Saswati Nayak

Hey there! Hello Hello from a big fan of Friends, the most popular show on the earth, ever. I know you would agree here with me. Ahaaa!!! So, I finished watching all the seasons of this show on 2019 (I started watching them in 2017), and I can never be happier. This show is undoubtedly one of the best shows I have watched ever.

Now Here are the 10 things about Life, I learnt from this greatest show ever and I think it will be helpful for you guys too....

1) Friendship is always important than Love. Don't you think of considering it otherwise.

(Monica, Rachel> Ross, Rachel)

2) Your friends will save you from any situation unless you murder someone in real and there is no valid explanation. (If its the common enemy, then you are not charged at all.)

3) No matter what, Real friends will stick with you through thick and thin. Feed them enough, pay bills sometime without splitting it up, you know. We can consider Chandler and Joey for this one.

4) Communication is the key to healthy relationships, which works here too. Talk about your emotions, feelings, problems and everything in front of those you feel comfortable with. (Monica, Rachel and Phoebe are my favorite Example)

5) Never hide things from your friends no matter how personal it gets. They are the only people who need to know you completely inside out without having any filter.

6) Practice and Preach Selflessness. Life can be a bitch at times. You are not the only one to suffer so before you get all selfish and crampy about your problems and start yelling at your people, don't forget that the other people have them too and they might need you at the same time too.

7) Learn to apologize, especially when it comes to your friends (The only people you care about, not the people you went to school with or smoked pot with for once). Nobody is perfect and It's impossible that You can never go wrong. You may not be right about everything all the time so you need to step out and say sorry for your mistakes.

8) Be there for your people! Not when they need you, but all the time. You should not use "Oh, I was Busy then." sentence in front of your friends because everybody know What exactly you do. This sentence is for others. You get it right?

9) Don't Overthink. Everyday is a new day. Forget about the past and move on while you still can. Remember the scene where Ross and Rachel fought over their past relationships but eventually they talked and forgot it, Because what matters is the Present.

10) LAUGH, LAUGH, LAUGH!! While You still can. Life is not easy my friend, but you can not keep crying over the things that were not meant to be in the way you expected them to be. Surround yourself with people who get this and google this- Benefits of Laughing. (Click here)

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