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Veer Savarkar International Airport, Port Blair

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I am writing about my trip to Andaman Islands describing the beauty of the place, Famous Local foods, sightseeing places, other activities & the whole experience I had in September 2015 while travelling to this place with my family.

Day: 1 - Bhubaneswar-Kolkata

The first day started by packing our hand bags and keeping important stuffs those were required in the airport like tickets, Identity proofs, mobile phones etc. (Some people forget mobile phones at home, happened with me). Then We headed to the airport at 5 PM. Our flight to Kolkata was scheduled at 8.30 PM and after all the check-in formalities we boarded the Indigo Flight and reached Kolkata within 30 mins. Literally. For the night, we didn't have any plans so just checked in to the hotel after dinner and relaxed.

Day: 2 - Kolkata- Port Blair, Andaman Island In the Morning, We headed to jog in the streets for sometime and as it was a foggy day, I couldn't see anything except the empty roads, Newspaper sellers and Chai ki Dukans. The city was pretty beautiful though. Then After breakfast in the Hotel we were staying at, We moved towards the airport to catch our flight for the Andamans. We boarded the flight around 11 AM. I must say the service in Spicejet airlines was something to experience, because I found it somewhat different than other Airlines.

Hotel TSG Grand, Port Blair, Andaman Island

It took about 3 hours to reach Port Blair, after which We checked into the hotel and had lunch there.

Day 3: Carbyns cove Beach+ Cellular jail

In the afternoon, We headed towards The Corbyns cove beach. People get attracted to this place mainly because of the Clear water, refreshing beach vibes and Water sports activity.

The pathway to the beach is surrounded by tall coconut trees and you can find 3-4 shops here selling Coconuts, hats, jewelry and other accessories to the tourists.

Corbyn's Cove Beach, Port Blair, Andaman Island

The next destination for the evening was the Cellular jail, which was a 15 min ride from the beach. Around 7 PM, The Light and sound show started, which described the horrifying and darkest period in the history of India. It made us remember the story of all the freedom fighters who were kept as prisoners by the British.

Today, the Cellular Jail is a solemn reminder of all the struggles that our freedom fighters fought through to win the independence of the country, and is an imperative part of our history which needs to be heard & seen.

Cellular Jail, Port Blair, Andaman Island

The jail complex is now owned by the Government of India and it is recognized as the National Memorial Monument. In front of the Jail, there is Veer Savarkar park where you can find the statues of some notable freedom fighters and spend rest of your evening.

Day: 4 - Jarawa tribe + Baratang island + Limestone cave

The Next day, We went for the Baratang Island to visit the Jarawas and Lime stone cave. It took about 1 hour 40 minutes to reach the Starting point of the forest from where Photography and Videography was strictly prohibited. You must follow the rules and regulations before entering into the forest.

The forest is especially reserved for the 'Jarawa' tribe, which is a very old group of tribal people left in the Andaman. The jungle ride was really adventurous and interesting and we kept looking for the tribal people to show up. And luckily, We managed to see some of the Jarawa men and women standing at the roadside. While you are here, You have to cross the whole forest by road to reach the Baratang island and also while coming back from the island.

After reaching at the Middle strait jetty, through a speed boat, it took nearly 30 minutes to reach the cave's location.

Baratang Island, Andaman Island

As it was raining heavily that day, we had to be very careful while walking through the slippery road. It was definitely adventurous for some of us but if you are having any injury or scared of narrow paths, I suggest you to not to visit this place.

As the name suggests, There are massive sedimentary limestone formations, some of which are hanging from the top, some growing from the ground. As you go inside the caves, you can actually see different patterns that are made by limestone. Tiger paws, Lotus patterns etc.

Tip: Carry your own flashlight or even a torchlight of your Smartphones inside the dark caves. Also it is very slippery inside the caves so you must come in floaters or shoes.

After a whole cave tour by our guide, We returned back to the jetty through another road, which was a wooden bridge in the middle of the jungle.

The boat ride that connects the location of these caves with Baratang jetty is magnificent. It passes through a narrow mangrove creek and that is an experience in itself.

Day 5: Port Blair to Havelock- Radhanagar beach

On third day morning we set our journey from phoneix bay jetty of Port blair towards the Havelock Island.

The cruise experience of that day was really fascinating (I was a first timer). Though It was a stormy day we all enjoyed the journey a lot by watching the large waves passing under us and dancing for a while on the deck.

Radhanagar Beach, Havelock Island

The famous Rdhanagar beach of Havelock was our relaxing spot for the evening. This beach is crowned as “Asia's best beach” and “7th best beach in the world” by Time Magazine because of its white sand and emerald blue waters, all lined by lush forest and palm trees.

Despite of its reputation and popularity, it remains mostly empty compared to other popular beaches of the world. You can visit here around late mornings & afternoons but the forest guards don't usually allow to stay here after it gets dark.

Day 6: Neil Island

On the next day, We went to explore the Neil Island which was an hour ride from the Havelock's jetty. It's located in Ritchie’s archipelago and can be easily reached from Port Blair and Havelock as well.

While on the ferry "Jolly Buoy", We had such a great time talking to the sailers and other tourists. The sailors told us several stories about the Restricted areas of Andaman and also shared their years of sailing experience with us.

After jumping out of the ferry we were mesmerized by the different shades of blue and green water by our side.

Neil has only 4 important beaches which are named after the characters from Ramayana – Ramnagar, Bharatpur, Sitapur and Laxmanpur.

We roamed around the island and the villages all day long by cars, which were rented after reaching the Jetty and returned back to havelock at 4 PM by another ferry.

Day 7: Elephanta beach - Snorkeling + Glass boat riding

On our last day of the trip, we went to the Elephant beach which was approximately a 30 min ride from Havelock dock. Although, now several other modes of transport is available, you will be missing the breathtaking views of the ocean if you are not going by a boat.

This beach is an ideal destination because of all the water sports activities it provides to the tourists and travellers.

Havelock Island, The Andamans

After reaching, we did snorkeling and spotted some coloured fishes and corals.

Then We went for The Glass boat riding, where we saw several variety of fishes and Marine animals through the Glass. The rich coral reef structure and amazing underwater marine life is something you should not miss while you are in Havelock.

Even kids and elders can do it easily as One doesn't have to go to the water to be able to watch these.

Around 4 PM, We Returned back to Port blair by another cruise. The cruise ride was epic as we experienced the sunset in the middle of the ocean. Also, if you are lucky you can spot some dolphins somewhere around that time.

Like this We bid goodbye to the Andamans, spending 5 awesome days in the place, which is truly the heaven on the earth. The turquoise blue water, Creamy White sand, Lush green forest, Epic sunsets, Empty beaches, Cute Localities, adventurous boat rides, Tribal people, Scary stories of the Sailor, and My Time with the amazing Group.... I will remember The Andamans Like this.

What's Your story? Let me know in the Comments below.

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