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Benefits of Running | Cardiovascular Exercise | Health and Fitness

Updated: Nov 11, 2019

Running is the best exercise when it comes to weight loss or maintaining fitness in general. Through this blog, I want to encourage people to include running in their fitness routine and here goes a list of benefits it provides to human body.

Benefits of Running daily-

> Increased calorie burn, which may lead to weight loss > Improved muscle strength > Increased stamina > Healthier heart > Increased ability to form good habits > Higher self-esteem > Lower stress levels > Improves mood

> Better sleep

Things you require for running-

> A comfortable pair of shoes (Buy on Amazon)

> Breathable snug socks

> Customized Playlist (If you prefer solitude)

Now because you know why you should run for 20-30 minutes daily, You will ask me-

How to Develop a Running steak or Running as a habit?

In a busy unplanned schedule, people usually fail to keep track of their running steak and end up in giving up the good habit. Now the only thing that keeps you going is your own will and a little motivation.

> Use Activity Tracker

> Set Reminder daily (Through Phone or Sticky notes)

> Analyse & evaluate your activity at the end of a Week

> Set up Running goals

How to set up Running Goals?

If you are a beginner and new to running, it's important to set achievable goals.


1. Start with 2-4 runs per a week for about 20-30 minutes and then try to increase your mileage in upcoming weeks.

2. Aim for specific running distances. Once you meet your daily goal increase it as per your convenience. For Example- I have set up a goal to run 2 kms today. If I successfully complete this goal then I will want to set up another goal i.e. to run 3 kms the next day.

3. Always meet your desired goals and then head for the next one no matter how much time it requires. Because you know that Slow and Steady wins the race.

P.S- Mouth breathing is the best way to breathe while running. Now tell me the reason behind it in the comments.

Thank you!!!

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