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Hey Guys! Welcome to the first How-to blog of this site. I personally am a big fan of Vision Boards and things that make my life better and Peaceful. Vision Boards are a great way to to get attracted and motivated towards your Dreams and Goals. They act as a source of inspiration and motivation, and use the law of attraction to attain goals, which is why I wanted to share the whole process of making a vision board with you. Now Let's Begin!

The Vision Board I have put on my wall

Step 1: Collect the things you need for making your own vision board.

Here is a list to help you out:

1) A Medium Card board

2) Printed Pictures according to your choice

3) Glue (I prefer, Favicol)

4) A pair of scissors

5) Washi tapes

6) Acrylic paint

7) Markers (Black, White)

Step 2: Cut the Photographs into the sizes according to your need and choice.

There is no standard size for the photographs as Vision Board is all about getting creative.

Need ideas about what pictures to choose and from What Source?

Head on to Pinterest app, which is the solution to almost everything when it comes to finding ideas.

> Your passion

> Persons who inspire you

> Super hero you believe in

> People who motivates you

> Family pictures

> Best moments of your life (If you have captured any)

or anything you want to put into the Vision board.

Step 3: Once you have the perfect-shaped photographs, arrange them on to the board without adding glue.

This will give you an idea about how the Vision board will look after you paste the pictures on to it. This is important as you can never change your mind after permanent fixing.

You can change the positions of the photographs and give it a final look. Make sure to leave some blank spaces at places where you have plans to write stuffs.

Step 4: Paste Paste Paste!!

Add glue on the back of the photographs and papers and paste them firmly on to the board. Allow to dry completely.

Step 5: Decorate with stars, favorite stickers and anything you will love to see on the board everyday.

Here you can paint the outline and write stuffs on the board. (Your favorite quotes, favorite song's lyrics, friend's names and anything literally). Get Creative Baby!! The space is all yours !!

Step 6: Final Step is Keeping/ Placing the Board Someplace you Love!

It can be the coziest corner of your room which can be only accessible and viewed by you or You can fix it on the wall which is in front of your bed, so that every morning you wake up you get a glimpse of your Vision and Dreams! Keeps yo motivated through out the day.

Thank You for reading! I hope this post creates a little motivation inside you for doing better in life and fulfilling your dreams, thus helping you to achieve your goal in life.

Please Write to me here - thefoodiebutterfly96@gmail.com

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