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Updated: Sep 14, 2019

Kerala is also known as the City of God without no reason. Bestowed with huge mountains, hill stations, dense forests, rivers, wild animals, spice gardens, this place has a unique charm of it which can not be found in any other city. So, here are the top things we did and discovered on our journey to some places of Kerala.

Way to Munnar, Kerala

1) Munnar

Not to brag, but I can not praise enough of this particular place in Kerala. It remains chilly through out the year and during day it has the most favorable climate to go for sightseeing and hence best place to spend 3-4 days here. We reached our hotel by the rented van (The only vehicle we used through out our journey) in the morning.

Hotel at which We Stayed: Hotel C7, Munnar

And after launch All of us took some rest to get ready for the Afternoon/Evening activities. First activity was visiting the Tea garden and museum which was just a few km from the hotel.

The evening was scheduled for Kalaripayattu Show which is one of the oldest fighting styles in the world and the traditional martial art practiced in Kerala. This one hour evening performance show of Kalaripayattu in Munnar, included showcasing of body control, flexibility and various form of exercises and was really amusing.

The next day morning, We went to Eravikulam National Park, which is the first ever National Park in Kerala.

Being located along the Western Ghats in the Idukki district of Kerala, it is mostly famous for the highly endangered mountain goat known as the "Nilgiri Thars".

We had to stand in a queue for about 30 mins after getting our tickets as it was really crowded at that time. But the view was worth it.

As a matter of fact, This place remains crowded almost every day as the tourists and local people visit very frequently.

And they did not have any transportation facility inside the Park back then, so we had to walk (Climb actually) for several miles to go to the upper regions and roam around there to see the Mountain goats.

Neelgiri Thars (Mountain Goats at Eravikulum National Park, Kerala

The next destination for the day was Echo point and Mattupetty dam which are the places that should definitely be included in your itinerary. [Extra info: Remember the movie Chennai Express? The whole movie was shot in Munnar and some of the shots are taken in these places too]

Mattupetty Dam, Munnar

Activities to do while in Munnar:

> Tea Plantation tour

> Tea Museum ( You can buy tea packets & other souvenirs from here )

> Kalaripayattu show*

> Kathakali show (Traditional dance of Kerala)*

> Trekking inside Eravikulam National Park

> Echo point

> Mattupetty Dam.

Note: During breeding season the Sanctuary remains closed from Feb 1st to April 30th every year.

*Bookings for these shows are usually done by travel agents, so make sure to update about the same to your respective ones.

2) Thekkady

Home to the country's largest Tiger Reserve- Periyar National Park, Thekkady is a great gateway to enjoy a jungle vacation and Spice Plantation tours.

Water Lillies spotted during Spice Plantation Tour, Thekkady, Kerala

After some hours ride we reached at Thekkady the next day and checked into our hotel.

Distance from Munnar to Thekkady: 91.3 KM, 3-4 hours by road

Hotel at which We Stayed: Seasons Thekkady

Our itinerary was scheduled for the day and we had to follow the same after resting for some time in the hotel.

The Spice Plantation tour took about 1-2 hours during which we took a walk along the streets of Kumily and the winding pathways among the plantations. The thing that stroked us first was the lingering aroma in the air.

The scent was an eclectic mix of cloves, nutmeg, pepper, cinnamon or cardamom and many other spices. The geographical and climatic peculiarities of this place and its elevation from the sea level make it ideal for spice cultivation.

Waterfall, Thekkady

Did I forget to tell you about all the beautiful waterfalls we managed to see during our journey. At almost every corner of the Ghati roads there are waterfalls (huge and small) where you can do a photo session and get amazed by their beauty.

Here are a list of waterfalls in Thekkady you might get interested for:

> Suruli falls

> Suranganur waterfalls

> Thommankuthu waterfalls

> Marmala Waterfalls

> Athirappily Waterfalls

> Palaruvi Waterfalls

Elephant ride, Thekkady, Kerala

Activities to do:

> Spice Plantation Tour

> Waterfalls

> Boating inside Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary

> Elephant ride

Note: Most hotels and travel agencies conduct tours to spice plantations. Some plantations in Kumily have guest houses which tourists can use with prior permission from the owners.

3) Alleppey

If I ever narrate you about my experience in Kerala I would like to start from here, our Houseboat memories and the overnight stay inside a Houseboat for the First time.

Houseboats are huge, slow moving yet exotic boats that are a peculiar attraction for most of the tourists.

Previously, these boats were used to carry tons of rice and spices.

Then they were remodeled and turned into private boats with fully furnished spacious bath attached bedrooms, hygiene kitchens, dining area and private front deck to allow the travelers relax and capture the beauty of Back Waters.

During our rides, We witnessed some mind boggling sceneries and also noticed the mini villages on both side of the Back waters. The local people including school children still use the Boats as their only mode of transportation which was rare yet thoughtful.

Activities to do:

> Overnight Stay in the House Boat

> Fishing at the Boat

> Evening boat rides in the back waters

> Excursion to nearby villages

Thank you so much for staying with me so far. Hope you have enjoyed reading about my Journey in the City of God- Kerala.

Please Write to me thefoodiebutterfly96@gmail.com. Or drop in your comments below.

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