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Weight Loss Tips Nobody Told You About| Health & Fitness

Weight loss is associated with two things: Diet and Exercise. If you want to start this process you want the results faster, right? So don't skip or rely on only one no matter how many articles tell you to, because they are simply giving you assurance. You need to loose weight and you need to do it in real way.

Here I have provided you important and useful tips related to weight loss in the simplest forms possible and in both the categories- Right and Balanced Diet + Exercise

So go ahead and set your Weight Loss goals right.


1) Ketogenic diet (Keto diet is an extreme form of Low carbohydrate diet) is not for weight loss but to treat epilepsy.

2) Low-carbohydrate diets are preferred to those who wants to shed some extra kilos and it should contain less than 20% carbohydrate content. Remember, Low-carbohydrate diets are the best strategy to loose weight. Protein and fiber increase the metabolism & Carbohydrates make the insulin level rise increasing hunger. So if you are trying to lose weight, it’s better to eat a piece of low-fat meat rather than a sweet fruit.

3) Effective weight maintenance depends on calorie restriction, not the ratio of macro nutrients in a diet. So Put control over your food intake rather than specific food items. So focus on "how much you eat"; not on "what you are eating".

4) Drink water before meals.

5) Drink Green tea once in a day.

6) Foods to avoid: Oil, Sugar, Butter, Fried food items, Fast food, Alcohol, any other foods containing similar things.


1) Weight training Exercises:

Weight training is a kind of physical exercise in which people lift or push heavy weights with their arms and legs in order to strengthen their muscles. There are different exercises that target particular body parts and ultimately shed fats from those regions. You must have heard about upper body workout, Abs workout etc. Know about them here.

2) Aerobic Exercises or Cardio Exercises

Cardio exercise is any exercise that raises your heart rate. If you move or do these activities, you make your muscles strong and stronger muscles make for a more efficient and healthy body.

> Jogging

> Running

> Swimming

> Cycling

> Dancing

> Rope Jumping

> Walking etc.

3) Yoga followed by Meditation

Being originated in ancient India, Yoga is a group of physical, mental, and spiritual practices that not only helps to calm your mind but helps to loose weight in long term. The benefits you get from Yoga can not be compared with other exercises. But remember, it will take time. Don't know where to start? Check out my blog Yoga for Beginners to know more.

4) Zumba Dance

This is another way to loose weight and the best part is you can do it at your home alone or with a bunch of friends. It is basically a type of dance aerobics where high-impact activities with high-intensity intervals are performed that really get the heart pumping.

I did my own research on the internet and several books, and found out these important things related to Weight loss. You can go ahead and search about anything particular for more information. If you do, Please write it down in the comments to let everybody know.

See ya!

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