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How to start doing Yoga| Yoga for Beginners | Healthy Lifestyle

Updated: Sep 3, 2019

Hi Dear Reader! If you clicked on the post and reading this then you have already planned to do yoga, but you are wondering how to start doing it or implementing it in your busy schedule.

Well done for making up your mind to take a step towards your health, as you know Yoga has super powers that not only can transform your body in a great way but also helps you calm your mind leading you towards a stress free Life.

Start from Today. Yoga can be done in morning or evening depending on your daily routine.

Creating a daily routine has its own benefits, so make sure you have one irrespective of your age. You heard me right, irrespective of your age!

Step 1: Always Start from Basic.

Basic or the Simplest forms of Yoga are easy to learn and can be implemented in everybody's lifestyle. To begin with, do a Breathing exercise(Heavy and clean breathing) to make your body active.

Sit down and relax for a minute. Calm your mind i.e free it from all the outside stress and problems.

Start stretching your hands, legs for 2-3 minutes. (No rules to follow, just let your body know that you are flexible and you can stretch the body parts)

For Example, Surya Namaskar is a basic form to begin with. Follow the 13 steps and it will be enough for you as a beginner. It makes your body strong, more flexible and light.

Step 2: Practice Daily.

In order to do perfect yoga poses, you must practice it daily. Focus on One simple pose and try to make it perfect. At first, it may be a little difficult but with time and practice it will get perfect. Just as they say- "Practice makes you Perfect".

After you consider yourself as a Pro in the first particular pose, move to a new one. Repeat it until you feel you have achieved that perfect pose structure. Everyday start with what you have learned from yesterday's yoga session and proceed to learn the new one the next day.

Step 3: Keep a Track of your Yoga Session and Poses.

Its very important to track down your activities while you are on the go. You can include it in your habit tracker or simply follow my yoga tracker. (Free Download PDF)

Notice your improvement after a month. Feel any difference?

Write to me about it in the comments below or drop a mail. I will be happy to know about your progress.

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